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Wool & Beyond makes modern knitting patterns with focus on details, fit and innovative construction. The brand was founded spring 2021 by Elin Berlin for

the passion of making and sharing the joy of crafts.


After her graduation at KADK she struggled to find her place in the fashion industry without making sacrifices on her stand points within sustainability.

To make knitting patterns appeared as a loophole, where she was able to do

what she loved while putting the production in the hands of the consumer.


Knitting has always been a great part of her life; ever since she was a little girl

and stayed up late to be able to craft with her mom and her friends. When she grew up she was certain that she wanted to work creatively within fashion, and therefore studied pattern making for a year and then got a BA in fashion design.


By being here and supporting this small business, you're ultimately supporting

a life long dream, so thank you! If you want to get on touch you can send an email or dm us on Instagram.

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