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Everything you need to know about Nomad Slippers!

Today is the day.- the knitting pattern for Nomad Slippers are finally out! This is the first new design I've release in a looong time (making a book takes a lot of time apparently...), so it feels so good to finally share a new pattern with you.

For this pattern release I'm trying something new! Since I now have a Youtube channel (please subscribe!!), I've recorded not only a bunch of helpful tutorial, but also a video where I introduce you to the pattern. I chat about how the design came to be and how you make it. There are even some very pattern specific techniques that I've included, fx how to do the wrap detail, how to assemble the slipper etc. I hope this kind of video will be inspiring and interesting, but even more so helpful, to those of you who are interested in making a pair of Nomad Slippers. I hope you'll adore Nomad Slippers just as much as I do!! Whenever you post your work on social media make sure to tag me @woolandbeyond <3


Judy’s magic cast on:

Kitchener’s stitch (will be available later on Friday 23 February)

Double knitting:

Honeycomb brioche:

Pick up and knit sts along Honeycomb Brioche (will be available Saturday 24 February)

Attached i-cord:

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